Here are some of the questions we have received about the Picnic. If you have other questions, please feel free to ask us!

1) What kind of things can we purchase at the booths on the picnic day?
At the event, you will find food vendors to sell Plate Lunches, Curry and Rice, Hot dogs, Shaved Ice, Crepes. There will also be many vendors from Ukulele factories and Ukulele dealers, as well as booths to introduce traditional Hawaiian arts and crafts. (Also refer to the “How to enjoy the Event” section)
2) What is the price range of food menu at the picnic?
They are priced very reasonably, from $1 to $10 approximately.
3) We are driving to the picnic – is there a good parking lot?
There will be free parking on site at Kakaako Park all day. Another option is Big UH Parking ($5 – with in/out privileges) nearby. More information about parking is available at the “Location” section.
4) What if it rains?
We are likely proceed the event with a bit of rain – we are in Hawaii and rain is rather a blessing. If it turns out to be a big storm, we will likely have to cancel the event.
5) Do we need to make a reservation to participate at Ukulele Picnic?
You don’t need to make any reservation for this event! We are looking forward to seeing many of you at the picnic.
6) Can we drink alcohol beverages such as beer and wine at the picnic?
According to Hawaiian Law, drinking alcohol is not allowed in public spaces (such as parks). However, we are planning to set up an established area so that you can legally enjoy drinking alcohol at the picnic. Please check our homepage again to see what is happening!
7) Can we bring our own beach chairs?
You can bring your own lawn chair to Ukulele Picnic to enjoy music. Only 1 chair per person is allowed. Chair design must not make holes or damage the grass in any ways.