From Hawaii

  • Mark Yamanaka

    14-time Nā Hōkū Hanohano award winner, Mark Yamanaka, is proud to call Hilo, Hawaiʻi his home. A father of 3, Mark released his debut album, Lei Pua Kenikeni, in 2010. It went on to win 4 of the most coveted awards at the 2011 Hōkūs and in 2013, he followed that success with the release of Lei Maile. Just as successful as its predecessor, Lei Maile also received 4 awards at the 2014 Hōkūs. In 2015, he collaborated with his close friends, Kūpaoa, to release a holiday album, A Gift of the Heart. That album was named Christmas Album of the Year at the 2016 Hōkūs.

    After a 5-year hiatus from his solo Hawaiian releases, Mark was thrilled to share his latest collection of songs on his 2018 release, Lei Lehua. He has never released a selection as personal as that one, with 8 of the 14 tracks written or co-written by himself. Lei Lehua is a celebration of Mark’s love for his hometown, his love for his family, and his growth as a musician, vocalist, and composer. In 2019, Mark was honored to win 5 Nā Hōkū Hanohano awards for his project including: Album of the Year, Song of the Year (Lei Lehua), Male Vocalist of the Year, Island Music Album of the Year, and Single of the Year (Morning Drive). Like his previous albums, Lei Lehua is an unforgettable garland of songs, sure to adorn your heart and mind.

  • Imua

    Imua’s fun and catchy backyard style music has entertained listeners for over 20 years. Each of their albums of mostly original compositions share a heart of simplicity and appreciation for life’s treasures. Their music has garnerred them with numerous Na Hoku Hanohano and Hawaii music award nominations along with being enjoyed throughout Hawaii, the mainland, and internationally. So allow yourself to kick back, relax, and let the music of Imua take you to that “compfort” place where you’re always happy.

  • Iron Mango

    Iron Mango is a group of 4 musicians, each of well known for high level.
    The award winning trio “Pure Heart” to which Jake Shimabukuro belonged Members of Jon Yamasato and Lopaka Colon, Richard Gideon is a member of al also the award winning group “Maunalua”, Kalei Gamiao is famous as a solo ukulele artist who tours Asia and Mainland.

  • nue
    Bryan Tolentino
  • Jody Kamisato

    Jody Kamisato was born on Christmas Day, December 25, 1977, in Honolulu, Hawai`i. Music has been an integral part of Jody’s upbringing. At just seven years of age, Jody’s elementary school teacher gave Jody his first `ukulele lesson. At the age of eight, he began performing with the Honolulu Boy Choir. During the next five years he had the opportunity to travel all over the United States, record on an album, and sing on several national T.V. shows as well as commercials.

    As a member of the “BS Band” with Bruce Shimabukuro and Gary Akiona, they performed throughout Hawai`i and toured Japan on numerous occasions to do live shows and `ukulele workshops. In 2005 Jody’s original song “Ainakoa” was selected for “Aloha Tofu’s” official commercial song. In spring of 2006 the “BS Band” released their first album entitled “Incognito.” Later that year, Jody completed his first DVD entitled “Island Style Ukulele”.

    In June 2007, Jody opened his own `ukulele school called `Ukulele Hale located in Kaimuki. With a talented and dedicated staff, he foresees a bright and successful future and looks forward to a variety of exciting projects with `Ukulele Hale including community service opportunities, public performances and a future Japan tour.

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  • Dr. Trey

    Tracey Terada, aka Dr. Trey has made his life’s mission to show the world that the `ukulele is one of the most versatile instruments ever created. His passion for the music and the `ukulele has lead him to becoming a Na Hoku Hanohano award winning producer of Pure Heart (with Jake Shimabukuro). Currently, Dr. Trey has teamed up with Mailani Makainai to create an unstoppable team that brings a fresh and exciting approach to traditional and contemporary Hawaiian music.

  • Kawena Mechler

    Kawena Mechler brings years of experience as a professional hula dancer and production coordinator to Kahiapo Talent. Tony C. (Conjugacion), Weldon Kekauoha, Sean Na‘auao,The Ka‘ala Boys, The Kaimana Band, The Brown Boys and Sam Kapu III, and has danced for many of the top Hawaiian artists including Robert Cazimero, Keale, Brother Noland, Ledward Ka‘apana, 3 Scoops of Aloha, Ocean Kaowili, and many more. She has served as the Production Coordinator for Nalani Productions, and manages the choreography, costuming and scheduling for concerts and performances all over the world. She frequently performs and conducts workshops on major cruise ship lines, and was part of the performance troupe that accompanied the Governor during a visit to China to promote Hawai‘i as a visitor destination. She is a co-composer of mele, contributing her lyrics in the Hawaiian language on songs.

  • Ku`uipo Kumukahi

    Ku’uipo Kumukahi is an artist of traditional Hawaiian music who is known for her continuance of traditional performance styles and instruments. Her first solo album was "Na Hiwa Kupuna O Ku’u One Hanau," released in 1994. The album received a record-breaking nine nominations in the 1994 Na Hoku Hanohano Music Awards, the so-called "Grammys of Hawaiian Music." In the end, it won in five categories, including Female Vocalist of the Year, Best Traditional Hawaiian Album, and the Haku Mele Award for "’O Waikulumea." It was four years before Kumukahi’s next album, "Na Leo Kama’aina O Ku’u ‘Aina Ho’oheno," appeared; the album won a Na Hoku Hanohano Music Award for Excellence for the Use of the Hawaiian Language in Song Compositions.

  • Honoka

    Brought up in Hawai’i embraced by beauty from the mountain to the sea, Honoka has grown an admiration for the nature that surrounds her. The thoughts, feelings, and memories that nature brings to Honoka are the inspirations behind her music. As she travels the world with her ukulele in hand, Honoka would like to continue sharing her love and passion for music and the aloha spirit.

  • Benny Chong

    In the field of solo ‘ukulele playing, the number of recording artists who specialize in jazz can be counted on one hand. Bill Tapia and Lyle Ritz are two names that immediately come to mind. Now with this historic CD, Benny Chong’s name can be officially added to that “endangered” list.Benny taught himself to play the ‘ukulele when he was about 11 years old. After nine years or so, he virtually put the ‘ukulele away for some thirty-five years. When I met him in 1964, he was the guitarist with the Ali’is, the band that backed up Don Ho. In 2000, I invited him to be one of the four artists in “The Art of Solo ‘Ukulele”, a concert series that led to a CD and a public TV special. These events revitalized his interest in the ‘ukulele, resulting in his debut album Ukulele Jazz.

  • Byron Yasui
    Byron Yasui taught himself to play the ‘ukulele when he was 13 years old. He played it for recreation from 1953 to 1960, then put it aside when he started college and became a string bassist. In 1998, the ‘Ukulele Hall of Fame Museum invited him to be one of the four ‘ukulele soloists in a four city concert tour on the east coast.
  • Tegan & Kaylen

    Tegan & Kaylen are a young and fresh ukulele and vocal duo that formed in 2015. In February, they won first place in the group division at the 2018 International Ukulele Festival, the girls were named the “Most Valuable Player” and took home the title of “Grand Champion” along with the KZOO award. Both Tegan Inoue and Kaylen Landry are Hawaii born girls whose roots are deep in the Aloha Spirit, humble at heart, but passionate about music. Tegan & Kaylen are an excellent duo creating beautiful harmony; their music contains various styles such as pop, island contemporary, ballads and original titles. They will no doubt leave you with a smile on your face and the feeling of pure joy.

    "Ima Kimi Omowu" will be used as the official commercial song for JAL Hawaii. Jun Hasegawa appears in the commercial, and the commercial featuring her and the song that fits Hawaii’s beautiful scenery will be aired from June, 2018.

    Two songs "Ima Kimi Omowu / Perfect Day" have just released on June 5 as debut single.

    Official website:
  • Kamakakehau Fernandez
    If anyone could be described as having “Hawaiian heart and soul,” it is indeed Ryan Kamakakehau Fernandez. Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, this 6 week old African American infant was adopted by Robyn Naeʻole and brought to the shores of Maui, Hawaiʻi. It is here that his new family and home shaped “Kamaka” into one of Hawaiʻi’s newest and most refreshing talents.
    Kamaka’s education played a huge part in his love and appreciation for the Hawaiian culture and music. He is a graduate of the Hawaiian Language Immersion Program (Kula Kaiapuni, King Kekaulike High School) and is proud to be a fluent speaker of the Hawaiian language. E Ola KaʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi (Let the Hawaiian Language live on) is what kamakaKēhauʻs motto is for the language of the land. Kamakakēhau has been featured in the Disney Animation film "MOANA" re made in the hawaiian language, in which Kamakakēhau plays the role of (TAMATOA) The Shiny Crab.
    As he studied – and lived – Hawaiian culture and language, a new-found love emerged from within as he became enamored with the ʻukulele and the art of leo kiʻekiʻe (falsetto) singing. He was the 2003 winner of falsetto legend Richard Hoʻopiʻiʻs Falsetto contest, (part of the annual Aloha Festivals celebrations) and from that point on, Kamaka continued to astonish audiences with the range of his voice, the strum of his ʻukulele, and his heart…which is truly Hawaiian. As Kamaka states… “I love my mom, my ‘ohana, my friends and this wonderful culture that I was lucky enough to be immersed in. Hawaiʻi is my heart and soul.”
    He has performed on numerous prestigious stages within the State of Hawaiʻi, including the Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua’s Celebration of the Arts, the Castle Theater at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center, Oahu’s Keiki Hula Festival, the Tahiti Fete, and the Grand Hyatt Kauaʻi, as well as stages in the continental United States and Japan.
    Kamakakehau was one of the featured performers on the 2004 “Aloha Festivals Falsetto Contest Winners – Vol. 5” CD; he was the 2012 winner of 4th Annual Kani Ka Pila Grille Talent Search; and he worked with multiple Nā Hōkū Hanohano (Hawai’i’s version of the Grammys) award-winning producer Dave Tucciarone on his debut solo album "Wahi Mahalo," for which Kamakakehau won the 2013 Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award for Extended Play – EP!
  • Herb Ohta Jr.
    International recording artist Herb Ohta, Jr., is considered to be one of today’s most prolific `ukulele masters. Influenced by Jazz, R&B, Latin and Brazilian music, he puts his stamp on Hawaiian music by pushing the limits of tone and technique on this beautiful instrument. The son of `ukulele legend "Ohta-san", he started playing at the age of three, and teaching at the age of 9. He now shares the music of Hawai`i, and the beauty of the `ukulele with people around the world, performing and conducting instructional workshops. This seven-time Na Hoku Hanohano Award nominee (Hawaiian equivalent to the Grammy) and two-time Hawai`i Music Award winner effortlessly translates the beauty and culture of Hawai`i throuWith eight solo albums, seven duet albums in circulation, and contributions on more than 40 recordings, he is well on his way to matching his father’s legacy. His latest release, "Cocolo:`Ukulele J-Ballads" was a Japan only release in June of 2009. In 2010 Herb is celebrated his 20th Anniversary in the music industry releasing two new recordings, "`Ukulele Nahenahe" & "Take 1".
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  • Sam & Saiko Ninjaz
    A unique band with both US and Japan members–featuring up tempo Bluegrass as well as Hawaiian and country and Grateful Dead songs.
    Sam & Saiko Ninjaz formed several years ago. They have showcased their talents on Oahu and in Japan. Currently, Sam & Sumo Ninjaz perform in Honolulu and North Shore areas.
    • Sam Hayakawa – Mandolin, Ukulele, & Vocals
    • Justin Murata – Guitar & Vocals
    • Evelyn Greene – Violin & Vocals
    • Nakana Wong – Bass & Vocals
    • Jim Hancock – Banjo & Vocals
  • Kelina Eldredge
    Kelina Kiyoko Ke’ano’ilehua Tiffany Eldredge is a native of Ewa Beach, Hawaii. She graduated from Kamehameha School and won the Miss Aloha title at the 54th Merrie Monarch Hula Festival, the world’s premier hula competition held annually on the Big Island of Hawaii. I won Hula 2017. She is currently appearing in many shows in Japan, and is active as a bridge for cultural exchange between Hawaii and Japan through workshops and other activities.
  • Taimane Gardner

    Hailing from Hawaii with a name which translates to “diamond” from Samoan, Taimane’s attraction to the four-string island staple began at age 5. By age 10, she regularly performed in public, busking in Waikiki every Friday night with her father holding down security duties and Waikiki Beach Boys. By age 13, Taimane landed a position in Don Ho’s show
    The recently grown Taimane is preparing for the 2020 world tour. Die activity in Europe, especially in the United Kingdom, is particularly amazing.

    Official Website:

From Japan

  • Sekiguchi Band
    Sekiguchi Band is a whistle and ukulele unit led by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi, producer of Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii and member of famous Japanese rock band Southern All Stars. Kazuyuki loves the ukulele and has been promoting the instrument all around the world since publishing “The Ukulele Book” in 1992. He has collaborated with Hawaii artists such as Herb Ota and Roy Sakuma, releasing many CDs and organizing several ukulele events.
    [Band Members]
    Whistle player Kimiko Wakiyama is a female champion of the 2007 World Whistle Tournament, with a 3-octave range. Yanagiman plays the bass, but he is also an expert producer who made many Japanese bands famous. Yu Hatakeyama is a Japan’s leading Cajon player. She has played with many famous musicians and released a Cajon instruction DVD and instruction book.
  • Boo Takagi
    Born in Sugamo, Tokyo in 1933. In 1964, He Joined “The Drifters (Japanese Band)“ to host one of the legendary and most popular variety shows called “Hachijidayo Zen’inshūgō! (It’s 8 o’clock, Everyone, Gather around!) “ which aired from 1969. As the opening performance of the Beatles’ first concert in 1966 . He has been keeping himself busy in various fields of his many talents, such as album release events and live performances, as well as an instructor for Ukulele lessons on NHK Educational TV.  
  • Keiko

    Keiko has composed her original Japanese songs, released 4 Japanese CDs. Her first full Hawaiian album “Kupulau” was nominated for the International Album category at Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award 2016. Now she has her ʻukulele classes in Japan, teaches not only ʻukulele but vocal. In 2019, she started a new band named ʻAlapaka, she sings Jazz standard numbers translated to Hawaiian language.
    Official Website:
  • HOOK
    HOOK is a Japanese Ukulele player and composer who started to plyay Ukulele since 2003.
    His music combines elements of Jazz,Blues,Country,Funk,Rock,Pops and flamenco.
    In 2013,3rd album “Imagine” was nominated for 36th Na Hoku Hanohano Awards.
    In 2015,4th album “In The Moment” was nominated for 38th Na Hoku Hanohano Awards.
    In 2018,5th album “Colors” received winner for 41th Na Hoku Hanohano Awards.
    In 2018 , The song “The song for Audrey” got finalist for 14th International Acoustic Music Awards in U.S.A.
    Hook’s ukulele orchestra called “HOOK 100 MOMENTS” is made with over 100 people in Japan since 2014.
    He ever performed Hawaii,Los Angels , Australia,Taiwan and Japan.
    Hook is
  • LinaLina
    LinaLina, aka the ukulele mermaid, is a singer-songwriter who plays the ukulele, and who loves grapes.
    She took her first piano lesson at age four and an ukulele she found at home launched her career as a musician. After spending some time in New York and Los Angeles, she released her debut album”getta” in 2002, followed by “LinaLina”, “Enjoy!” , “Ukulele Lesson LeLeLe” and “HOME”. Her ukulele instructional book, “Ukulele Songs You Can Play with Only Five Chords” (published by Rittor Music) is a bestseller.

    Venues for her ukulele performances include cafes, live houses, beachside and mountain music festivals. She also plays at hospitals and organizes live shows for children as well as ukulele workshops. Her music casts a magical spell on her audience as she performs in various ways.

    As an International Artist, She performed at Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii 2014, 2016 and 2019. and Taiwan Tour 2018. Hong-Kong International Ukulele Festival 2018. Those were huge success. She will make a record for her NEW ALBUM this year.
    The ukulele mermaid always delivers peaceful and heartwarming vibrations (sounds).
    Official Website:
  • JazzoomCafe & sora

    “JazzoomCafe” is known as Japan’s established technical ukulele player.
    His finger tricks and “speed playing” techniques are beyond comparison.
    He was the MVP winner at the International Ukulele Contest 2011 held in Hawaii(Oahu) and was featured on local publications in Hawaii.
    JazzoomCafe also appeared in Hawaii,Korea,Taiwan,Thailand,NewYork, HONGKONG,Shanghai,Mariana ukulele festivals.

    JazzoomCafe has also released an iPhone & Android application “JazzoomCafe’s Hi-tech Ukulele.”
    He also joined CompilationCD of Walt Disney Records!

    and He is the main-Personality of FM-radio(JAPAN) for Ukulele”JazzoomCafe and Haruka’s Happy-Ukulele-Time!”.

    JazzoomCafe is also grateful teacher of ukulele.
    He established the Ukulele School of Japan(TOKYO/YOKOHAMA/NAGANO).

    He appear the MusicShow of NAMM SHOW 2019 in LosAngels/Anaheim, Shanghai Music InstFest,and Tokyo Music Instruments Fest.
    His new Album is “Seilen Coffee”.Now on Sale!

    “Sora” is student of JazzoomCafe Music School.
    She is only 11 years old,
    But She is also awarded the Nagoya Ukulele Contest 2016.
    Her style is very cute and wild.
    Her First Album is “AlohaBEAM!”.

    Official Website:

    iPhone&Android application: “JazzoomCafe’s Hi-tech Ukulele”
  • Naoko Yabushima
    coming soon…
  • Kyosuke Takahashi
    Kyosuke Takahashi, left-handed ukulele player, was born in 2002 in Tokyo.At age 6 he began taking lessons of piano and got to know music.He started playing the ukulele at age 14 and he quickly took an interest in the instrument, playing it many hours a day and also has written many original compositions.
    In 2019 he won Teens Sole 1st place, Grand Champion and Most Valuable Player of 8th International Ukulele Contest in Hawaii.In October 2019 the first album “LEAVES” was released nationwide.
    From February 2020 his essays will be serialized in Ukulele Magazine Rolling Coconuts.
    Official Website: