From Japan

  • Yoko Oginome

    Since her debut as a singer in 1984, Yoko Oginome has released 42 single songs and 31 albums, including mega-hit singles such as “Dancing Hero”, “Roppongi Junjo-ha”, “Coffee Rhumba” and the album “Non-Stopper” (Number one on the 1987 Oricon album chart). “Dancing Hero” made a come back in 2017, reaching Number 2 on the Billboard Weekly Domestic Chart. In the same year, she won the special prize at the 59th Japan Record Awards (the Japanese equivalent of the Grammys). Her singing career continued to be recognized through other awards, such as the very first “Top Karaoke Song of the Year” and the 32nd Japan Gold Disc Special Award in 2018.

    After 23 years on hiatus, she appeared in a starring role on “Net Utahime” (Internet Diva) on the NHK BS premium channel in 2019, the same year she celebrated her 35th anniversary as an artist.

    In August 2020, Oginome composed “Mushi no Tsubuyaki (Insects’ Tweet)” with her own lyrics. It is a charming tune with the sound of ukulele, which has been enjoyed throughout the nation on NHK’s Minna no Uta (Everyone’s Songs – a long-running program on NHK since 1961). This is her second song to be aired on this program, after “Jungle Dance” (lyrics by Masakazu Mori, song by Tetsuya Komuro) in February, 1988.