From Portugal

  • Xarabanda

    The group appeared in 1981, under the name of Algozes with the mission of promoting Madeiran musical traditions. In 1989 they managed to release their first albumw in a self-published edition, and which marked a change of the name of the group to Xarabanda. Xarabanda is the combination of Xaramba, which is one of the traditional music style of the Madeira, and Banda, which means “band” in Portuguese, with which they aims to give greater importance, than hitherto, to the traditional music of Madeira Island.

    The 90s is the most fruitful decade for the group, with two more albums being released. In 1994, the group also created the first major traditional music festival in Madeira and organized for 5 years until giving way to “Raízes do Atlântico”, which is still active today in 2022.

    In 2001, they released his first thematic album entitled “Songs to the boy Jesus”, which, given the number of sales and re-released more versions following years. After its hit, they recorded various thematic albums dedicated to traditional and popular games, tales and stories. As such, the themes are subject to different interpretations, so they work in a line of “heterogeneous stylizations” that, they believe, do not distort the material in question; on the contrary, it enriches it, always taking care to respect its own characteristics.

    At this time, Roberto Moniz and Roberto Moritz will join the festival to showcase the beautiful sounds of Braguinha, which is one of the traditional instruments from the Madeira and the mother of Hawaii born instrument, Ukulele.