From Japan

  • Kahua

    A singer and ukulele player who respects and focuses on preserving the music passed on to generations in Hawaii, aiming to convey and spread the essence of Hawaiian culture and spirit in Japan.

    Kahua’s artistic domain lies in expressing traditional Hawaiian music and exploring the full potential of the ukulele, an instrument nurtured in Hawaii, through his solo ukulele performances.

    In the realm of Hawaiian music expression, Kahua has studied under Kapulanakehau Tamure, the former leader of “Na Palapalai,” one of Hawaii’s top musicians, and Kehau himself acknowledges that Kahua is continuing his legacy.

    For solo ukulele, Kahua has apprenticed under Ryo Natoyama, a renowned ukulele player representing Japan.

    Furthermore, Kahua has learned guitar techniques in the lineage of Andrés Segovia, a Spanish guitarist often referred to as the “father of modern classical guitar,” and developed and refined the “finger bowing technique” based on it. The exquisite tones produced by this technique elevate the small ukulele to a range comparable to the guitar.