From Japan

  • JazzoomCafe & saya

    Super technical ukulele player from Japan. Awarded the MVP prize at the International Ukulele Contest 2011, which was reported on the local newspaper and TV show in Hawaii. Since then, he has performed both domestically and internationally including New York, Saipan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam, and been invited as a guest player to the world famous music instrumental fare including NAMM show. He has released 6 full length album and joined the recording for a Walt Disney album. Not only as a performer, JazoomCafe is well known as a brilliant ukulele instructor. He has establish his own music school in Yokohama in 2011 and has brunches in Tokyo, Nagano, and Aichi. He has instructed over 5,000 people worldwide and published many instruction books and song books for ukulele.

    saya is still a mid-school student at age of 13. Her debut on ukulele was at the age of 6, and only in 3 years, she won the MVP prize at Nagoya Ukulele Contest 2019. Following to the incident, she won the champion at Always Love Ukulele Contest produced by two popular ukulele players in Japan, Ryo Natoyama and Toshiki Kondo, and, further more, she accomplished the champion at the singing talent contest produced by Japan’s national TV broadcast staton, NHK by singing along her ukulele. In 2021, she took the MVP prize in the vocal devision at the Japan’s biggest ukulele contest “The Ukulele Contest 4 ALL” and was acknowledged as “The Queen of Contests” and made a CD debut in the following year. saya is acclaimed as a promising new star in Japan with the beautiful singing voice and outstanding playing technics on ukulele.