Privacy policy

  1. Name and Personal Information Protection Administrator

Ukulele Foundation of Hawaii (hereinafter, the “Foundation”) Personal Information Protection Administrator

  1. Personal Information Collection and Use

The Foundation will use personal information only within the scope necessary for the achievement of the online transaction, for statistics based on non-personally identifiable information data and for delivery of products and goods.

  1. Providing to Third Parties

The Foundation will not disclose or offer personal information to third parties without your consent except for cases permitted under the related laws or regulations.

  1. Provision of Information to Subcontractor(s)

The Foundation may subcontract the processing of some or all personal information to agents within the scope necessary for the achievement of the purposes of use.

  1. Security and Storage of Information

The Foundation will make reasonable efforts to maintain and improve security to ensure that personal information is managed safely. Personal information collected will be deleted appropriately after a pre-determined period of time.

  1. Disclosures of Personal Information

The Foundation will properly respond to request(s) from the individual regarding handling of personal information for disclosure, correction, addition or deletion, withdrawal of usage, disposal or disclosing to third party.

  1. All Inquiries Related to Personal Information Disclosure(s)

Inquiries regarding the use of personal information should be addressed to the contact information above.
When you agree to our Privacy Policy upon completing your entry to the promotion, you give the Foundation the right to collect personal information and use it for the purposes described above.